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  • Game music + a sample! (1-2)
    23rd of May 2007
    Game music is generally one of the most important parts of the game when it comes to creating the right mood and we are completely aware of its importance. And that's why we paid special attention to the choice of a musician who will create quality and correspondent music (as well as the game sound). And even though we usually don't count on our luck, this time we were unexpectedly lucky. We have been contacted by a person whose creations are so similar to UIG and its intended mood, that it chilled us to the bone :-). His production corresponds exactly with the type of music we wanted and at this time we can definitely say that Rafal Kuczynski is without any doubt the right man for the job.

    Today we officially leave at your disposal the first sample of the music of UIG. In fact, it isn't really a sample, but a complete track from the game. If you prefer stream over download, you have a choice to listen to a streamed version too.

    This polish composer of dark ambient and other kinds of music has been working in this field for
  • Game music + a sample! (2-2)
    23rd of May 2007
    almost 10 years already. Over this time he has managed to participate on and create by himself several commercial works. In his portfolio you'll find mostly (dark) ambient albums and that is exactly the kind of music fitting for an adventure game! *Human Error*, as he calls himself, became a vital and inseparable part of the team.

    As for the music itself: it can emphasize (or create) the right mood in the game, but it can also tear it to pieces completely. That's why we put so much emphasis on the choice of music, its mood, style, length, energy, volume and many other attributes and we try to use all the music in the game with maximum care. In Until I'm Gone you'll experience some several minutes long (mostly slower and gloomier, nevertheless vivid)compositions as well as some short tracks (that are on the contrary faster, more aggressive and energic), that will be used in adequate places. Diversity of the tracks is guaranteed and we should also point out that the complete (but still not final) game soundtrack is already over 50 minutes long!

  • Changes in the team
    7th of May 2007
    Two weeks have passed and we continue to inform you about the progress of the project and generally everything that's related to the team and the our game.In todays news we would like to present you new members of Faraway Studios, that have joined us to speed up the development and the embellishment of the project. Jurisko, the 2D graphic designer (and the author of two wallpapers in the download section, apart from other things) has been replaced by a man more than competent - an arts college graduate Jan Stejskal a.k.a. Woody, who is, apart from working on UIG in his free time, working full-time for Illusion Softworks.Next newcomer is a VUT student Martin Senkerik a.k.a. Ohin, who's taken up the position of a programmer side by side with current members Hooke & Hudy. And the last new member is also a programmer Premysl Fara a.k.a. Enif, an admin and a programmer for the Czech Army in his proffesional life, who's been working on the 4th chapter of the game for some time already and has been pushing it's progress forward considerably.
    The rest of the staff remained more or less the same except for a few changes between the voice actors. We would also like to remark that after reading our last post some new translators showed up and so there's a French and a Portuguese translation of the game lying on our harddisks already. Right now we're also in touch with a Romanian translator,but we were still unable to hook up a Spanish translator so if you have knowledge of this language, you've got a *once in a lifetime opportunity* to get your name in the game titles. ( Contact us here )
  • *Esperantism*...
    23rd of April 2007
    Even though some time has already passed since our last update, we're definitely not forgetting our (2 months old) promise to give you some news every 2 weeks. It's just that the last update was so important, that we decided to let it hang here on a *visible spot* for a little longer then usually. But that's all over now and if nothing unexpected happens you can look forward to some more news again in 2 weeks time... As you may already know, UIG is going to be translated into 14 languages spanning from the standard ones to the less common ones. That is, to be precise: Czech, English, French, German, Russian, Hungarian, Slovak, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Greek, Polish and Dutch. Today we finally present you tangible proof, that this is no PR talk but the truth. So if you're interested and you might be planning to play UIG in some other language (where else you'll be able to practise your Swedish... :-) ?), you surely won't defy these translated texts, extracted directly from the game using a special program and saved conveniently in *.txt files. As for now there are 12 examples of translation into 12 languages at your disposal. The French,Spanish,Portuguese translations are currently unavailable as the translators had to leave because of unsufficient available time. One more thing is related to that: if you'd like to participate in this project and you can speak a language the game isn't already being translated into, you've got a great opportunity to contact us and become a member of the team! (for serious applicants only) You can contact us here..
    ::CZ verze:: ::ENG verze:: ::RUS verze:: ::DE verze:: ::SK verze:: ::IT verze:: ::SWE verze:: ::GRE verze:: ::POL verze:: ::NET verze:: ::DAN verze:: ::HUN verze::
  • Release date delay!? (1-3)
    26th of March 2007
    Yes, you've probably figured this out yourselves, considering the release date *Winter 2006* has been hanging here (and still is) even though it's 2007 already. Nevertheless we believed and hoped *all this time* that we could make it. Because the winter of 2006 spanned not only from November to December 2006 but also January through February and March 2007. Our hopes were ended definitely last week when unfortunately officialy ended the winter of 2006 and so we were bound to anounce an unpleasant message - Until I'm Gone is going to be late. The new realease date is set to the 3.-4.quarter of year 2007. But this time we would like to explain the delay in more detail:

  • Release date delay!? (2-3)
    26th of March 2007
    We probably did a fatal mistake already in the beginning of the development process: we announced something that one shouldn't announce in freeware projects, not even much smaller ones, just because it cannot be determined precisely. And that something is the release date. We probably should have gone the way of many other developers and made our lives easier by giving you the (un)popular phrase *When it's done...* instead of a firm date. This way we would have saved ourselves the troubles with delays. But who could have guessed? Simply no one had the experience and knew the rule that in the beginning the project always progresses at high speed (at least our did), but during the development the pace slows down (and basicaly it's bound to if we are to keep on with our lives like normal human beings and not like a group of omnipotent extatic developers). Nobody counted with this while esimating the release date). Nobody also could have guessed that some people will simply have to leave during the development even though they don't want to (because of the lack of time) and that we'll have to find a qualified replacement, who'll again have his own life and his own worries that take up his time. This still remains a FREEWARE project, we cannot afford to pay anything to anyone. Where others simply raise the salary (or threaten to lower it ) we can only use psychology. No one can be forced to turn in his work earlier, we just don't have the right persuaders :-). I think that the abovementioned conditions of the development speak for themselves and believe us:

  • Release date delay!? (3-3)
    26th of March 2007
    if you are discontent with the state of things, then we are literally ...Nonetheless, if there was a fan eagerly awaiting the realease and we've just ruined his life, making him grind our name between his teeth, we can calm him down with one simple fact: while other comparable projects around fall away, we keep on going...
    After a long time we've also decided to make your waiting more pleasant by giving out 3 new screenshots from the game. On two of them you can see new scenes used in the game and on the third one you can see one of the local men from Pitfall mountains- Samuel Klein.

  • Moving to Stencil Shadows
    12th of March 2007
    It has been *only* two weeks since our last update and we've already got some new info (that means were able to keep our promise). Some time ago already we decided to move to Stencil Shadows - a new type of shadows, made possible to use with the WME engine. When compared to the previous type of shadows, it's definitely a step forward, not only regarding graphics! Even though the transition required rebuilding the *hidden geometry* (the space the main character will be moving around) of all scenes, the result is definitely worth it! Today we bring you an example of Stencil Shadows put to work in one of the scenes (on the left) comparing it to the old type of shadows (on the right). It's still not the final version though, but a WIP (Work In Progress) scene.
  • 1st multimedia files from UIG=1st chapter VA completed
    21st of February 2007
    It’s been nearly a month since the last update, and even though we had planned to update the webpage more often, it wasn’t realized due to the lack of time which we rather use to work on the game. However, this situation is going to change and we promise, :-), we will *try* to update the web at least once per two weeks! But the main part of today’s news concerns something else. We’ve decided to release the first multimedia files from the game. As you might have known, UIG is going to have a feature quite not typical for games from its branch – professional English dubbing. We offer you a small bit of this in the form of 2 samples. You can hear an edited monolog of the main character in the first sample (2:41), the second one then contains a sample of a small girl’s voice (0:24). Take it just as a small demonstration that we’re doing our best working on the UIG and that the voice acting of all of the texts is going to be the vital part of the game! We would also like to announce the 1st chapter voice acting is completed, including postproduction (loudness reconciling, acoustic noise removing, etc.). And the 2nd chapter voice acting is being intensively recorded right now…
  • The date of release, an interview and other language versions!
    7th of January 2007
    The last news received a positive feedback so we’re happy that we can introduce you other languages the game is going to be translated in. The number of the languages has altogether increased to almost an incredible amount of 14! Apart from the former versions in Czech, English, French, German, Russian, Hungarian, Slovak, and Italian you can also expect the game to be in Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Greek, Polish, and Dutch. Thanks a lot to all of the translators who have get in touch with us.

    We would also like to inform you about a new (and first english, as far as I remember) interview with the adventurelantern.com. It is in their PDF magazine, Nov/Dec 2006 issue. You will find there some new cool information about the project and the team. See the interview yourself.
    For *some*, the most important news is the date of release. Currently, the date of release of UIG is WINTER 2006, which still includes January, February, and March 2007 (except November and December 2006 that are already gone). It means the game will (probably) be released during this time.
    And we’re still seeking a Web Designer.
  • New *language* info
    28th of December 2006
    It’s been known for a long time that *Until I’m Gone* is going to be translated both into Czech and English and carefully corrected by native speakers. However, as we realize not everyone can understand English perfectly (not speaking of Czech J) and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible while playing, we’ve decided to translate the game into other languages! And into more then just the world languages. We’re enthusiastic to tell you that the final version of the game will for sure include English, Czech, and also German, French, Russian, and Hungarian translation. Moreover, it seems like the game might be translated even into Italian and Slovak. We just want *everyone* to get the chance to play the game in their mother tongue. All of the languages mentioned above will be included in the first game release, which means you don’t have to download any other patches or updates! Final translations of the first chapter are ready in Russian, German, and Hungarian, proving we’re deadly serious. Translations into other languages should be probably completed during January.

    Since we want to enlarge the (already pretty high) number)of the languages the game will be translated in,
  • New *language* info
    28th of December 2006
    we’re seeking people interested in joining our team as an translators. If you feel like that’s something for you, feel free to contact us HERE. Translations to any languages are welcomed. We would appreciate Spanish and Portuguese above all.

    The last part of this unusually long news concerns other post we would like to finally fill in, and that’s WEB DESIGNER. His/Her job would be to design and maintain a new website. If you’re interested, feel free to contact us HERE.

    The translators are, among others: Lucas Laib, Alex ASP, Lonesome, Bojan Seles, Jana Brychova .

  • Christmas Eve is here ;-)
    24th of December 2006
    Yes, it's here, Christmas, the most beautiful saint's day of the year (well it depends..., but the majority of the team optionally endorse with it ;-) ) So far without snow (in Czech republic at least), but it is here! Freeze, snow, Christmas carols, fairy tales,candy, presents, lights, candels and other things which belong to this beautiful event and which we love...
    You can see it at each move you make, at each website you visit, in every browser,every window :-), but not even we are going to save you...

    ...We wish you Merry Christmas, peacefull yule and Happy New Year full of new exciting achievements

    Faraway Studios

  • New (WIP) screens and information!
    10th of December 2006
    Those of you who took part in the ADOC 2006 got the chance to see the new *WIP screenshots* released exclusively for this conference. Since the conference is over by now, we’ve put them up here on our website. However, they are not usual screens of certain in-game scenes, they are just models and environments expected to be used in the game. That’s why *WIP* screens (Work In Progress). We hope it helps to satisfy your curiosity at least until new materials are released. This time the offer is going to be a bit more than just the graphical! All of the screens (4) are here..
    The list of the team members has been updated, too: We are happy to have new, high-quality developers who have recently joined our team:
  • New (WIP) screens and information!
    10th of December 2006

    Jan Dohnal alias *jacquess* as Character animator

    Tomas Zaujec alias *Legon* also as Character animator.

    Instead of the forum, a new guestbook has been launched. From this time on, all kinds of enquires can be raised here. Make sure for the access you still need to click on the forum button..

  • ADOC 2006 is over
    2nd December 2006

    ADOC2006 (Adventure developers online conference) is over now. If you missed it and you are interested what it was about and what we had reveal under the questions of adventure fans. Have a look at the questions and answers at ADOC 2006 Faraway Studios board

    We would also like to apologize for nonavailability of our forum, which is temporaly replaced by less complex but faster, and thus more effective Guestbook.

  • Recruitment
    24. October 2006

    News is here earlier then you would expect. This time it concerns only recruiting because we still need to fill certain positions. As the *human element* proved to be the biggest problem in the development, we're seeking skilled and reliable people who have enough time and who would like to take part in the finishing (although slowgoing) of well-known, expected and ambitious project. We're seeking people to fill following positions:

    3D graphic designer
    Movie animator
    Web designer
    WME programmer

    Our goal is to give you an opportunity to be part of a prospective team working on a well-known and ambitious project, to make you visible, to gain new experience in your branch, to establish new contacts, to work on the upcoming Faraway project etc. We guarantee this kind of experience is going to be a vital part of your personal protfolio. More information is available here and you can use this form to contact us. Besides that we would like to welcome new skilled and reliable animator (the old one has left us -> not enough free time :-) ) - Jacquess.
  • New Wallpaper
    6. October 2006

    The hot annoying summer, has slowly but surely gone away and the nicer season is coming... Rains, strong cold winds, falling leaves, and colorful scenes… who would resist this melancholy autumn depressions :-)? Though this is a beautiful prelude to what’s supposed to come this winter...
    We’re still looking for new members, you’ll find out more in the Faraway->Join Us section. But to the main point - we're supplying new wallpaper, the second one so far. This time the resolution is 1280*1024 px and it's both in the jpg and png format. We hope you’ll like it. Different ideas related with the topic might be discussed in the forum.
  • Info about progress, new members + DUBBING confirmed!
    29.August 2006

    The holiday is nearly over and we hadn’t been reporting you for a while (however, no news = good news). We've decided it’s the right time to inform you how it is going with our project, what have we done and what are we working on at the moment.
    Even though it's been summer, the members haven’t had any problems continuing the work (as could be expected). As for the graphics, the game is “relatively” being finished. We haven't met the original idea of the number of the locations which has so far grown up to 70+ (from the original 60+). We have started to work on the programme aspect of the game a bit late so it's behind schedule. The audio works are going well which is related to today’s main news – there will be a dubbing!
    As you probably know, questions were raised about the quality of the dubbing and therefore about the inclusion of the dubbing into the game. That's all only a history now. We’ve recruited several voice actors and voice actresses who will endow all the characters with life – which means you’ll be able to enjoy a complete English dubbing. You will really “enjoy” it thanks to the people who are not any amateurs, but who are highly experienced guys at professional games, movies, television or theatre, doing that for several years. All of them are native speakers so you don’t really have to be afraid of the general quality.

    Other news concerns the Faraway studios members. We’re permanently and more urgently looking for new members, namely: Assistant WME programmer,animator, english corrector and newly web designer. Apart from
  • that, new members have recently joined us. Those are, besides Voice-actors and Voice-actresses mentioned above, following people:

    character animator- Robert Diaz
    Movie animator- James Steel
    Assistant WME programmer- Tomas Hudolin
    Assistant WME programmer- Andrej Gajdos

    Voice-actors and Voice-actresses:
    Tony Porter
    Daniel Chase
    Kimberly Henrie
    Megan Henrie
    David Rodriguez
    Bojan Seles
    Marcus Tsui
    Jordan Rodrigez
    Dave Johnson
    Kate Rowden
  • Just few things...
    13.6 2006

    Almost one month separates us from the last news, so its time for *some* update. Firstly you can read what we said when we were participating in the Adventure Developers Online Conference 2005 (as you can see it's little *out of date*, but better to mention it now then never). The second news is that a new subsection called *Join us* has been formed under the section *Faraway*,we think that the name of the new subsection doesn't need any explanation :-)... And who are we looking for? Many people like: Voice actors,Voice actresses, animators, assistant WME programmer and others. And the last news- as you can see, we had released our first wallpaper, we will be glad you if you write us your opinion on it to our forum.
  • Release Delay
    13.6 2006

    Unfortunately we again had to delay the release of our project: “Until Im Gone” from May 2006 to Winter 2006.The main reason was, that the game is still freeware, and nobody will give us any money for making it. It isn´t our actual job ( regrettably ). Some of us still have to study or (most of us) work, so we don’t have the amount of time we would like to have for developing UIG. So pls try to understand this and ´forgive us´ for this delay. Due to this, we have also decided to release new screenshots and information about the game, which you´ll find in the section Projects … written in precis form.
  • New web, new hosting, new adress
    13.6 2006

    As you have probably noticed, the old website was not updated for some time. This was due to the fact that a completely new website was in the process of being constructed. Unfortunately this took longer than we anticipated. Due to this, our new website is still not 100% complete; some things may still not work correctly, so if you find any bugs, pls excuse us :-), they should be fixed soon. As you can see, we don‘t simply have only a new website, but also a new (easier to remember we hope) address: www.farawaystudios.com.
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